Each scent is clearly identified thanks to its label decorated with a drawing symbolizing the fragrance.
In the spirit of the 18th century, it is a silhouette that becomes the emblem.


It is fascinating.

This delightful perfume leaves a long-lasting impression, redolent of abundant flowers, lightened by warm oriental notes.

No.1 Best Seller, Feminine.

Precious and sensual encounter of woody and spicy notes with the sweetness of vanilla and musk.

No.2 Best Seller, Young lady loves.

Elegant and sensual, an addictive perfume with delicious praline notes and a bewitching oriental blend of amber and patchouli.

It's Lovely Sweet. 

Enchanting and sophisticated, the marriage of fruity and floral notes, culminating in the sensuality of an oriental gourmet chord.


Best Seller for Man.

Warm and refined, born from the mesmerizing the marriage of heady spicy notes of ginger and black pepper, with precious woods.

Best Seller for Man.

Irresistibly gourmet, a captivating fragrance of orange flavored with tasty spices and vanilla with sensual chords.


No.3 Best Seller.

Pure and soft, born from a marriage of white flowers, cotton, and precious woods.

No.4 Best Seller.

Soft and velvety, its powdery and floral notes invite you to daydream

It's for Kids.

Fresh and floral, with soothing notes of jasmine and orange blossom for a delicious return to childhood.


Male&Female, all like this. 

The delicately fruity freshness of a bouquet of roses and freesia arranged in their opaline vase that settles like a powdered veil.

Yes, it feels like the French garden.

The freshness of bergamot blends with jasmineand hyacinth to soften deep into the white wood. A walk through Versailles‚Ķ


Fresh Rose fragrance. 

The iconic rose raised on a bunch of peonies, a fresh and feminine scent.

Lavande is always Fine.

Aromatic floral scent reminiscent of a lavender field in bloom.

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