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  • Furniture, lighting which Heavy or Fragile items delivery charge guide

    • HK Island: HKD 300​

    • Kowloon: HKD 350

    • New Territories: HKD 350

    • Discovery Bay: HKD 500

    • extra charge for staircases: HKD 80 per floor, up to 5 floors. 

Furniture - Care & Maintenance

Generally, our imported furniture use eco-friendly water-based paint to maintain the tactile structure of the wood. The water-based paint is definitely less chemical (low Odor, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound, etc) than the oil-based paint. and it lasts longer than oil-painted which color will be turned to yellowish.

When using colored water-based, you can have a natural feeling and still be able to sense the structure of the wood through the finish. The water-based painting will provide you with the most classic and natural sense of the material.

Please Note That

✖ You must NEVER use abrasive detergents, wire wool, or polish, but only the gentlest and mildest clothes available.

✖ Since water-based painting, AVOID wet towels to clean, but recommend using the dry towel to wipe frequently.

✖ Water-based painted wooden surfaces can endure neither humidity nor alcohol. Always wipe off any spilled liquids immediately

✖ In terms of Water-based painted countertops, you should NEVER leave vases or similar items in the same place for longer periods of time, as this may result in stains and discoloration. Recommend using the mat under the items for protecting the tops of the furniture.


Q: Why is a bit different for the same item?

A: Since all of our furniture are handmade by the craft man. There will have small different with finishing work for every item. Each one of piece is unique.


Q: There is crack on the surface.

A: we are using the solid wood, the solid wooden furniture expands and contracts with changes in the surrounding humidity and to a lesser degree the temperature. And could have a small crack on the surface but it doesn’t affect to the quality of the furniture.


Q: Why there is dirt, scratches, and small paint crack on the surface?

A: Our furniture is inspired on 18th century France. The craft man represents this classic feeling with the classic vintage finishing on the surface. It will make the furniture more classic and timeless.

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