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It is all for your elegant life

-la boutique living-

La Boutique Living is Elegant & Unique.

We are the French 18th Century lifestlye shop.

Having a partnership with Extraordinary Brands.

Mathilde M

 MATHILDE M. draws inspiration from the 18th century and enhances the interiors with poetic home fragrances and unique decorative items. The refinement of French art de vivre…
Since its creation in 2002, MATHILDE M. has brought elegance and poetry into our interiors by creating exceptional home fragrances and unique decorative items. MATHILDE M. draws inspiration from the 18th Century, revisiting it with a subtle touch of modernity. Every item from the collection is an invitation to enter this elegant world of classic chic style. 

MATHILDE M. offers high-quality products that meet extremely strict specifications.


 Coquecigrues designs and manufactures luminaires, decorative objects, patinated furniture and textiles in ancient style inspired by the french XVIIIth century cultural legacy.

 The word "Coquecigrues" is born under Rabelais' feather around 1534, a writer's fantasia to raise each and everyone's dreams. In 1792, those "Coquecigrues", mythical characters half insect half bird, reappeared in a pattern of the famous Jouy-print style.


Born 17 years ago, Harmony is a collection of unique and elegant french home fabrics and linens; a personalized style with a soft and muted color palette in the best textile quality, the luxury of detail aesthetic and practical design. Harmony will bring a beautiful french atmosphere to your home.

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