Mathilde M / Dropper of essential fragrance,  Astrée



Mathilde M. has been designing perfumes that enchant the interiors with fabulous poetic scents. The high-quality Mathilde M. fragrances are elaborated in close cooperation with Master-Perfumers based in Grasse, the world’s capital for perfume, in Southern France, a true homage to the French tradition and know-how.

Complex, our fragrances are elaborated like body perfumes from a carefully designed blend of miscellaneous essences. They have a unique olfactory signature, immediately recognizable in your home. Each fragrance is also associated with a perfumed scenery. Emblematic, these decors are all made in our workshops and carefully crafted by hand to manufacture high-quality objects. The creation of the fragrances Mathilde M. meets strict specifi cations, in compliance with the regulations in force concerning home fragrances.

Mathilde M / Dropper of essential fragrance, Astrée

    • Mathilde M
    • Home fragrance Superconcentrate
      Handy, the dropper bottle of the home fragrance Superconcentrate allows to pour the right dose of perfume in the Mathilde M. diffusers. Its color enables an optimal preservation of the fragrance, protecting it from the UV and thus avoiding its alteration.
    • Fragrance - Astrée
    • Capacity - 10ml
    • Size - Bottle: dim. ø 2.4 x 7.3 cm
    • Designed & Made in France
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